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Thank you for applying for sponsorship for you or your organisation. We welcome all applications provided they are completed using this online process. It is essential to provide us with as much information as possible, in order to maximise your chances of success.

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Conditions of Funding

In submitting this application, the applicant acknowledges that if this application is approved, the following conditions will apply:

  1. the donation must be applied for the purpose stated, and for no other purpose
  2. the allocation is made as a donation, being an unconditional gift notwithstanding the provisions of clause 3B
  3. the decision will be final and binding and the applicant will not request or demand reasons for the decision
  4. submission of this application does not constitute approval; or if approved, that further payments to the same applicant or for the same purpose will be approved or made


If we approve your application, we will require certain documents before we pay out anything. Please indicate whether you can supply us with the following items:

NOTE: If you are unable or unwilling to provide these items, your application will be automatically declined.


While we would like to approve every application, our sponsorship budget is limited. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your application will be successful.

Here are some useful notes to keep in mind when completing your application:

Sections 1 & 2

Please provide the full name of your organisation. We must have a physical address. PO Box addresses alone will be insufficient and your application will be rejected.

Section 3-A

You must be specific in your request. Please quantify how much money (if any) you require. It is essential to specify what you will use money for. If it is to purchase a product or service you must be bale to provide us with two recent written quotes (no more than one month old) on the suppliers’ letterhead, if we request it. If two quotes cannot be provided, please give an explanation.

Section 3-B

Although we do not insist on it, some organisations are willing to offer something back in return for sponsorship. And while this does not always guarantee success, we are open to considering such offers. We are always looking for ways to advertise our business in the community. Perhaps your organisation could promote our name to your members or to the public at large. If you are willing to provide advertising in your newsletters or other publications, please indicate how large your circulation is and how often you write to them. You may also be able to provide signage advertising at your organisation premises or events. Again, please provide details.

We may have flyers and brochures that could be distributed to or posted out to your members. We could even consider composing a letter, including a special offer, and mailing it out to your members. Again, please give details of numbers. Some of your members may have businesses too, and may be willing to advertise our business in their newsletters, website or premises.

Note: we do not and will not accept money, product or anything else that may be construed as a bribe.

Section 4

We try to process our applications as soon as our busy schedule allows – within three weeks in most cases. It will help us if you let us know the latest date by which the funds are required.

Section 7

If you intend to apply for money, and your application is successful, please note that we do not hand over cheques or cash. Such distributions are only made by cheque, drawn in favour of the applicant, and lodged into the applicant’s bank account.

Good luck with your application!